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"I thought that spraying the guy was the least damaging thing I could do, in my left hand, I had a flashlight. My other option, other than the pepper spray, was to break this guy’s teeth. OK? And I didn’t want to do that. I just wanted him not to hurt me. "
Last updated - Aug 28th 2020 by: Proteus
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AIDIER A7 EDC Keychain LED Flashlight, Ultra Compact Bright 180lm with CREE LED AAA Battery IPX7 Waterproof Tail Switch Flashlights for Camping, Hiking, Outdoor Activity and Emergency Lighting

About AIDIER A7 Keychain LED Flashlight

Meta score: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5

Our review: AIDIER A7 Keychain LED Flashlight is our favorite keychain LED flashlight. We had a fun time testing the AIDIER A7 Keychain LED Flashlight and all it's numerous well implemented features. The AIDIER A7 Keychain LED Flashlight is produced and sold by AIDIER but the item is shipped from a nearby Amazon fulfillment center which makes for faster and safer delivery. Do you want to purchase a AIDIER A7 Keychain LED Flashlight for yourself? you can get your own copy over at Amazon. Check out AIDIER A7 Keychain LED Flashlight on Amazon now, it is available for as low as $12.99 ($12.99 / Count) (In Stock.) You will also get free shipping if you order AIDIER A7 Keychain LED Flashlight from Amazon. You can get this keychain LED flashlight with Amazon Prime. Want to know more about Amazon Prime and get a one month discounted trial?.

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The consensus of the reviews for the AIDIER A7 Keychain LED Flashlight is very strong and we can draw no other conclusion that this is one of the very best keychain LED flashlight on the market. We list the most helpful reviews below. If you want to look at all the reviews for AIDIER A7 Keychain LED Flashlight you can see them at

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ One heck of an every day carry key chain flashlight!
Reviewed in the United States on May 23, 2019 by Charles BridgTec

"The Ultratac Key chain light is a very nice kit. This comes with everything you need in the box to get you started outside the box! This is great for every day carry. You won't be left in the dark during an emergency because most people always have their keys with them when traveling. Check out my video review of this flashlight kit."

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The best and brightest!
Reviewed in the United States on May 21, 2019 by Crystal

"Small and lightweight compact and amazingly bright light it must reach at least 12 ft. I stood in my living room and it lit the dinette which is past the kitchen, we couldn't believe it, so powerful!!!! I can't imagine a better flashlight for your keychain than this one I've had many in the past but this surpasses them all ."

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Nice button
Reviewed in the United States on February 12, 2019 by El Step

"I liked the button for on/off. My previous AAA keychain light used a twist on/twist off action to operate, and it unscrewed itself and left me with an empty shell. The AAA battery and flashlight head are laying in some parking lot, I suppose. This light, in contrast, has a button that turns it on and off. So, I can leave the screw-on cap tightly secured. Further, it comes with a rubber cap for the light. I thought I'd never use this. As it turns out, I always use this. It turns the little flashlight into a bright lamp. The light is bright enough to use in most indoor situations. To my surprise, I like the lamp function better than the flashlight. This flashlight fits on my keychain and is only slightly bigger than the flashlight that unscrewed itself. It was a requirement for me that the light use a AAA battery. I'm happy I found one that has a button rather than a twist switch."

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ High quality
Reviewed in the United States on March 30, 2019 by Robert Kubrick

"Aside from the sense of quality you get from the silky smooth threads where the cap and head screw together, they work with 10440 batteries and put out over 300 lumins of light, got pretty warm but never hot. Comes with a diffuser which you can put on the base if you want to candle the light because it won't quite stand on the button. I promised I would review these lights, I bought two and I'm happy I did, but it was about 4 months before I could get my hands on them because I was travelling. I would recommend these over the Lumintop Tool AAA. High praise indeed."

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Perfect EDC light for the keychain!!
Reviewed in the United States on May 17, 2019 by Jabbalaugh

"Awesome light! Super bright and well made. Comes with battery, diffuser, keychain and pocket clip. This is a great light - competes directly with others like Olight and Fenix."

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Good light but fell off inside a week and lost
Reviewed in the United States on June 23, 2019 by Mo Lacourse

"I ordered this flashlight because I live in an apartment where there is no outside lighting that comes on automatically. I needed a good flashlight that will help me avoid any obstacles for the fifteen feet I need to travel from my car to the door to my apartment. I had gotten bright LED lights before, but they were way too big to carry on a daily basis. I kept one in the glove compartment and would use it daily. Problem is, I'd forget it and the next night have to do this in total darkness. I needed a flashlight that would fit on my keychain and still be bright enough to allow me to see safely. This flashlight fills that need! I love it. I have it on the ring with my car keys, so I can't forget it. No problems since. The light it throws is bright enough for me to see safely in about a 30 foot area. I'm impressed! UPDATE: Less than a week after using it, the flashlight fell off the keychain and was lost. I've noticed several other reviewers have mentioned it is not easily kept on a keychain. They are right! Because of this, I will not be ordering a replacement until this item is changed so it can be easily and SAFELY kept on a keychain. Reduced my 5 star rating to a 4 star because it fell off in under a week. Still a good little flashlight"

Best Waterproof Keychain LED Flashlight

The AIDIER A7 Keychain LED Flashlight is one of the best waterproof keychain LED flashlights. The Ultra. Tac Keychain Light was designed with security in mind. It's not only strong, it's also very bright. Perfect for every day carry. This flashlight is great for a keychain. The diffuser gives off a lot of light and glows after you turn it off. Great little flashlight. Pay attention to usage rates. On high power it dims after less than an hour. It is a small battery. NOT a replacement for your full-size D cell battery Returned products today. It is not works at all. But looks good. So I asked for a replacement Rugged, bright, compact, carry everywhere. Nice flashlight but when you push the button to turn it on it takes a second. Maybe fix the button placement later. I really like the comfort and feel. Perfect mini light for your pocket. It's a nice light, Holds a keychain keychain-attachable flashlight, and can be clipped to the hook or applied to the base of your flashlight rig. It comes with a rubber diffuser that glows in the dark after exposure to bright light.

This keychain LED flashlight will be unharmed even if submerged in water for an extended period of time thanks to its IPX8 certification. This mini light meets and exceeds all performance expectations set forth in the user guide. This small flashlight can be carried anywhere and is easy to Always have a flashlight with which to light the trail ahead. I have used it numerous times when out at a nice restaurant with mood lighting. It's a wonderful gift too. I got this for my keychain as a Christmas present. I keep a keychain for every key ring I own. This one is a nice addition to my ring pack. This little flashlight is impressive. I upfit emergency situations such as hurricane,earthquake,power outage. This thing is bright. I demoed it to a friend and he loves it. Comes in handy when you dropped something in your car when it's dark and you can't see it. One minor flaw... I planned on attaching it to my keyring but you have to attach the jump ring yourself and I just cannot get the stupid thing on.

Keychain LED Flashlight with Several Modes

The AIDIER A7 Keychain LED Flashlight has three modes of lighting. Very bright, dimmable, and flashes when triggered. This flashlight is NOT a replacement for your full-size D cell battery We highly recommend getting the O-rings included. They are also very bright and can be attached to almost any flashlight.

The strobe mode is good in an emergency situation or if you need to call for attention. Unlike, rival three-quarter-inch flashlights, which are heavy and require lots of batteries, the Ultra. Tac A7 is very bright and small. I carry it all the time in my pocket getting around the house. The tail cap switch has a strong confident click and isn't mushy like some I've come across. It's also very smooth and don't lose it's click when you turn it off. I don't have any complaints and would buy this again. This is a great little light. I use it when walking my dog. The diffuser works really well and casts a bright light in 360*.

Keychain LED Flashlight with Great Guarantee

We believe that you will be satisfied if you buy this keychain LED flashlight. I am here to help answer any questions you may have about the flashlight or if there is anything else I can do to help you get a better flashlight deal. I have been carrying this little light around for a while now. I wanted something handy, easy to carry and bright. I feel like this light checks all 3 boxes for me. Some of the things I really like about it are the options to carry it around, the smoothness of the threads putting it together, and the overal brightness of the light. I like the choice to keep it with my keys since it is so small. The lobster claw attachment makes it easy to uncoil for use. I have also used the pocket carry clip. This is the way I have carried it the most. I just tuck into the corner of my front pocket and forget it’s there until I need it.

If you for some reason are not satisfied you are able to get a full refund. Please contact us. We are always happy to advise on refunds or other issues. I received my product very quickly and it is well made. It runs a bit small but I thing that will change over time. The thing I don’t care much for are the buttons. They all click like crazy and when you turn the light off it starts all over. Like in a dream it would turn on when you turn it back on but then you have to turn it back on and click a few times to cycle back to the next mode.

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