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CVLIFE Tactical Flashlight LED Light 5 Modes Zoomable Water Resistant Handheld Mini Torch with Belt Clip, Best Camping Outdoor Emergency Flashlights, Rechargeable 18650 Battery Included

About CVLIFE Tactical Flashlight

Meta score: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5

Our meta rating: CVLIFE Tactical Flashlight is the best reviewed tactical flashlight. And we loved testing the CVLIFE Tactical Flashlight in the lab because it had so many nice features. The CVLIFE Tactical Flashlight is produced and sold by CVLIFE but Amazon are responsible for the shipping and delivery "Fulfilled by Amazon" so Amazon will ship the item from a warehouse near you. This means added safety and faster delivery times for you, so we think that is good. Do you want to buy a CVLIFE Tactical Flashlight ? buying it at should be your best option. Check out CVLIFE Tactical Flashlight on Amazon now, prices as low as $19.98 (In Stock.) You will also get free shipping if you purchase it CVLIFE Tactical Flashlight on Amazon. You can get this tactical flashlight with Amazon Prime. Want to know more about Amazon Prime and get a one month discounted trial?

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The consensus of the reviews for the CVLIFE Tactical Flashlight is very strong and we can draw no other conclusion that this is one of the very best tactical flashlight on the market. We list the most helpful reviews below. If you want to look at all the reviews for CVLIFE Tactical Flashlight you can see them at

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Definitely putting this to use
Reviewed in the United States on August 2, 2017 by Sherman Wright II

"Rechargeable and actually brighter than what I actually needed... thank you! Fits reasonably in any pocket as well so perfect for my line of work"

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Powerful Little Flashlight!
Reviewed in the United States on November 13, 2017 by armor

"I was surprised by how powerful this little flashlight is. The light beam is adjustable. Wide beam for close up work or concentrated beam for distance. It comes with a belt clip and a hand strap. It comes with a rechargeable battery. So far, I charged it only once and used it on and off quite a few times. The battery charge is holding steady. A battery charger and a carrying/storage case are a very nice touch. Buy it! Can't go wrong for the money. I'll be ordering another one for the car/garage."

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The best flashlight I've owned!
Reviewed in the United States on July 26, 2017 by hermajesty

"This is the best flashlight I have ever owned and I'm a baby boomer! I can light up the whole street if need be when walking my dog at night and when I have tried with a willing participant, to shine at them at a front door of the house they were having to cover their eyes! You can stop stop someone temporarily with this powerful little handheld! I highly recommend this for any outdoor activity such as camping as it can be adjusted from a straight line of light to enough light to cover two houses and the ones behind as well easily! Comes with a great rechargable battery and charger or you can use batteries. I haven't figured out how to slide open the little battery holder that you would use but i'm sure someone with more hand strength could. I keep it in my purse during the day and am able to find anything in a flash pun intended lol..but, seriously-if you're looking for a great light this is one. Oh and it comes in a nice padded case so it can be packed for travel! You can't go wrong with this light!"

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Bright, compact and feels solid. This light is fantastic.
Reviewed in the United States on March 14, 2018 by Rowan M. Labrador, Jr.

"This light is fantastic. It goes with me pretty much wherever I go. I wish there was a way to charge the battery without having to remove it from the flashlight. It's a petty request considering the switch housing easily unscrews from the back end of the light. The action of doing so is super smooth because of the o-ring seal and nicely-formed threads. It really feels like quality piece. The 2200mAh lithium battery fits well and is a little free so removal is easy, but it doesn't rattle around in the light handle when assembled. The power lead on the included charger is pretty short. Gotta cut costs somewhere, I suppose. The case is a little hokey, IMO. There are four closure tabs on the thing, two on the front, then one on each side. I fail to see why the ones on the side are necessary. Plus, the one the right clutters things up as there's a strap on that side. But forget these little things as this review should be about the light itself. I like this flashlight a lot and I'm tempted to buy a few more to keep in each car and in the house."

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ You won't be disappointed
Reviewed in the United States on June 3, 2018 by Rob S.

"This flash light is incredible! Its super bright and holds a good charge for about a 5 day week. I use it for work and i could be happier. It has 5 settings but i usually only use the brightest one. Its a super durable flashlight. I bash mine into everything and have dropped it a few times and still works great. I highly recommend this flashlight. For the price point youll be more than happy."

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Very happy I found an incredibly bright flashlight for $15
Reviewed in the United States on October 26, 2017 by patrick

"You gotta charge the battery first FULLY or you'll think it arrived broken. You also have to put the battery in BACKWARDS of the way you think it should sit inside the flashlight. Once that's solved, it's an amazingly bright and quality light and you cannot beat this price. Sits well in the hand, would work well for self-defense. Update: Still going strong after 6 mo. Check out the Fakespot and ReviewMeta scores on this product. Yes Chinese made, but truly solid quality especially at this price point."

Best Zoomable Tactical LED Flashlight

The tactical flashlight from CVLIFE is certainly one of the best zoomable tactical LED flashlights. I bought two flashlight to keep in my car. For the price it can’t be beat. I use this everyday and the battery last about 3-5 days of more than normal use. Have used flashlights 5 times as much as this and they are always disappointed. I am not mad at all. It works fine. I just don’t like the look of it. I ordered a black one but kept the red one. Why? Because I like the feel of it. And I really like the way it turns into a streamlight when you focus the zoom. Other than that, I don’t know. I kept the red one for self-defense. Why would I want to leave a trail of gore when I can just light up the night? Good flashlight, i returned it within 3 days of receiving it. Battery and charger worked great, very good. I purchased this flashlight to keep in my truck.

CVLIFE has an unique approach to operating the zoom on the Tactical LED flashlight. Instead of pulling the switch to zoom, you simply push it forward and pull the switch to zoom in and it automatically zooms in to the desired size. This method works well for storing and transporting bulky items, and it works well for general tasks in searching for hidden objects. Note: This flashlight requires 3 AA batteries and an 18650 charger. This flashlight is provided by CVLIFE. I hope the video helps you see what to expect. Ali Julia review First things first, I received this product free for the purpose of review. I’m hoping that my observations and impressions will prove helpful to you in your decision making.

Bright Zoomable Tactical LED Flashlight

On high setting the CVLIFE tactical LED flashlight puts out a satisfying 800 lumens. At the smaller setting it puts out a light that gets by with a 125 lumen flashlight. This light is also great to have around in case of power outages. It is easily operated and the included rechargeable battery gives plenty of power to the light. The flashlight came in very short order. It includes a charger and circuitry to prevent over-charging. I haven't tried the other rechargeable batteries that I have, but this one works as expected. I don't have a sense of the battery life or it's water resistance. It is very bright and convenient. I came in a zipper pouch to keep the parts together. I would recommend it if you need a relatively small, but very bright flashlight with charger. I remember getting this really cheap, so when the battery finally died, I thought I was going to have to buy a charger and got around to looking for one today.

The high mode, 800 lumens, light beam will reach as far as 700 feet. When performing tasks at night I need a brighter light to work with, indoors or outdoors. To increase the output of this lantern I use an 18650 battery. To increase the battery's life I use an external battery charger. When I ordered the lantern I had a "Best Buy" banner with a discount code that said "Use promo code" but it didn't work ...of course I don't know who that was so I didn't purchase it. However, I did get a "BEST BUY" email with a discount code and a link to the discount code coupon code at check out. I applied the discount code and was surprised to get a yes or no prompt from the website.

Complete Set Tactical LED Flashlight

You will get all the gear and utilities when you buy the CVLIFE Tactical Flashlight. I recommend this for any activity you do, from walking to riding to home repair, you can rely on. This lantern is extremely well built, and it will give off plenty of light. It is even well protected with a hard plastic shell. It has a great battery and a charger. You can also use this flashlight for other purposes. It has a belt clip and a hand strap. It has three different strobe patterns. You can also change the intensity of the light. You can also make the lantern smaller or larger. You can't. But you can use this light with any flashlight you like. This flashlight came in a nice plastic case with the charger. It's a great flashlight, but the code on the flashlight is invalid. I tried entering the code again, but it didn't work. I've sent a message to the CVLIFE support email, but haven't heard back from them yet.

Included in the package is T6 tactical flashlight, 18650 rechargable battery, wall charger and a carrying case. This flashlight exceeded all of my expectations. It has a nice case, the flashlight is very well made, and it has a nice zoomable function. I also just love all the different functions and the fact that it came with a rechargeable battery and charger. A great deal! I purchased this flashlight to keep in my vehicle. I really like having it, but I feel it should be returned to the store where it was purchased. I purchased this flashlight to keep in my home. I feel confident using it in my everyday life. I’ve dropped it off at various times during the years and it has never once failed to turn on.

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