HeroBeam LED Lantern V2.0 Review

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2 x LED Lantern V2.0 with Flashlight - The Original & Best Lantern/Flashlight Combo. 2020 Tech (350 LUMENS) - Collapsible Camp Lamp - Great Light for Camping, Car, Shop, Garage - Batteries Included

About HeroBeam LED Lantern V2.0

Meta score: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5

Our verdict: HeroBeam LED Lantern V2.0 is our top pick for LED lantern. We had a fun time testing the HeroBeam LED Lantern V2.0 and all it's numerous well implemented features. The HeroBeam LED Lantern V2.0 is sold by a company called HeroBeam furthermore HeroBeam also handles the shipping even though the item is purchased on the Amazon website.

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Check out HeroBeam LED Lantern V2.0 on Amazon now, prices as low as $9.43 (In stock. Usually ships within 4 to 5 days.) Unfortunately the HeroBeam LED Lantern V2.0 is not available with free shipping, you can read about the shipping details on Amazon. This LED lantern is currently not available with Amazon Prime..

Specification for HeroBeam LED Lantern V2.0

  • SUPER BRIGHT - twice the brightness of old tech 30 LED lanterns thanks to a trio of the latest tech COB LEDs which brightly illuminate 360 degrees - enough to light a tent, caravan, boat, garage or shed with ease. Also perfect for keeping round the house for use during power outages, Halloween and night time events.
  • TOUGH & WEATHER-RESISTANT - Our rugged lantern is built to withstand outdoor leisure use in all weather - durable ABS body, no glass, shock resistant and water resistant to IPX4 standard
  • COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT - At 5.5" high and 3.5" wide collapsed, it fits neatly in a backpack, wheel well and most kitchen drawers and it takes cheap AA type batteries (included) not the expensive D or C types
  • INTELLIGENT DESIGN - The top section simply lifts up to activate and reveal the light elements - no fumbling for a switch in the dark and it deactivates when the top is pushed down again and the WIDE-ANGLE FLASHLIGHT in the base means you can even use it for walks away from camp
  • ENSURE HEROBEAM! - Do not purchase from Channing Judith as they are selling fakes! Change seller to HEROBEAM if necessary.

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Verified Buyer Reviews & Ratings

The consensus of the reviews for the HeroBeam LED Lantern V2.0 is very strong and we can draw no other conclusion that this is one of the very best LED lantern on the market. We list the most helpful reviews below. If you want to look at all the reviews for HeroBeam LED Lantern V2.0 you can see them at Amazon.com

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Affordable, Brighter than other LED Lanterns, and with built-in Flashlight
Reviewed in the United States on October 30, 2016 by kunoh

"The HeroBeam Lantern is a step-up from similar LED lanterns because of its increased brightness, and its dual functionality. Functionality The top part of this device houses the main LED lantern lights. Pulling it out will activate and expose the LED lights. To adjust brightness, you simply pull out the top. The more it's pulled out - the more the LED lights are exposed, and therefore the brighter it gets. Additionally, there is a built-in flashlight which is located at the bottom of the unit. The flashlight is activated by pressing a rubberized button on the side. Thankfully, there is an adjustable latch that can be used to hold the device in either the "lantern" mode, or the "flashlight" position. One interesting thing to note is that you can have both the lantern light as well as the flashlight turned-on at the same time. (This would be useful if you hung it on a hook - which would allow light to be emitted from not only the sides, but also from the flashlight pointed downwards - basically, every useful angle of the device would be emitting light in that situation.) Brightness/Light This small light is bright enough to light my small dining room. It's also bright enough for whenever I work on my car (oil changing, maintenance). The light itself is neutral, rather than "warm" as more traditional battery-operated lanterns tend to be. Battery Life: I've had it on overnight and it was still going. I did have to replace the batteries on the second night, but it's still pretty decent considering it uses only 3 AA batteries. Build Quality: I've dropped this lantern several times already. The worst fall was off the top of a an audio speaker that was about 4-5 feet off the floor. When the lantern hit the hardwood floor, I was afraid that I had broken it. Thankfully, that wasn't the case. It worked just fine. The outside of the device is all-plastic, and it feels pretty light to be honest. But it doesn't have any loose parts, and feels solid enough. Conclusion: I've tried other similar LED lights. The HeroBeam stood out because of its increased brightness, and its additional flashlight mode. And while the flashlight lens is indeed located on the bottom of the unit, there is thick bottom lip that surrounds the lens preventing any contact whatever surface it is reseting on. Suffice to say, the unit feels light and rugged enough for real-world use. Update: There have been a few comments on this particular review and the product. Some of the comments say that it's a "fake" product. All I can tell you is 1) It's not fake - I have it, it's been working without any issues; 2) the fact that some of the comments do not make any sense should raise suspicion as to their own validity; 3) there are a lot of products that looks similar to this particular one - so I wasn't surprised that individual sellers maybe resorting to some nasty tactics like giving negative reviews/comments on competing products. In my case, this product worked as expected and continues to work just fine."

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Really bright lanterns, with a flashlight, using regular AA batteries, and excellent vendor support.
Reviewed in the United States on February 18, 2017 by Le Ralf

"Really bright lanterns, combined with a flashlight. The lantern uses 3 sets of LED strips, which means it's bright in all directions. It doesn't use a diffuser so don't stare at it for too long. When I used it, I made a quick diffuser out of a piece of white paper to deflect the light. The flashlight part is OK. There are much brighter flashlights around, but it sure is convenient to have it built-in for a quick use. Size wise these are fairly small, think palm-sized, nothing like the old kerosene lanterns. Extremely light too, and thus trivial to store and move around where needed. That's really a huge bonus. These use 3 regular AA batteries. I don't use rechargeable batteries. My usage is to use them during power outage and I always have a good stock of AA batteries around, and I found in the past rechargeable batteries are not so useful during power outages (one of these "duh!" moments). I like the vendor stood behind its product. One of the lanterns was originally "broken" in the sense that it would not turn off and the sliding mechanism was not smooth at all like the other working one. Rather than leave a bad review (I actually like the lanterns!), I asked them nicely using the vendor page and they sent me a replacement real fast, which worked fine. So that was really nice. I took the broken one apart and it has the same issue as some other reviews, meaning the switch in the base just came off its support. Looking at amazon reviews, they have about 1-2% defect, which is fairly reasonable. Since I opened it, I looked at how it's built and honestly I think it's well built, with just the minimal amount of material needed to get the job done as it should be."

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Its a Hero~~~~Beam
Reviewed in the United States on December 31, 2016 by _JD_

"This Lantern is very cool! It's compact in size + lightweight and puts out a good amount of light. Try not to stare at the COB LEDs while it's on, it will burn an temporary image in your eyes. A safe distance to do so would be 9 Ft. and more. I'm using Cheapo Harbor Freight Thunderbolt heavy duty batteries and I'd say they have lasted about 36 hours worth of good light output. I'm also amazed at the still usable light with near dead batteries with a voltage of 0.84 volts each.. I've included photos of that, tho the pictures don't give it justice, much better in person. Overall I like this item. Just needs a dimmer switch* perhaps V2.1 on their next model."

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I bought these for camping and they work great. They put out a lot of light
Reviewed in the United States on September 13, 2017 by JasonM

"I bought these for camping and they work great. They put out a lot of light, and I like that they can be used as lanterns or flashlights (dual purpose), so we don't need to pack and bring 2 different lights. For camping, it's handy that they fold up to be more compact for packing away. The LED's are very bright, much brighter than the individual led arrays. There is no adjustment for the bottom flashlight beam (wide to narrow) like a lot of dedicated flash lights have, but that isn't a deal breaker to me. They are very light weight, which is nice for camping/hiking purposes, but because of this, they do feel a bit cheap. They work just fine for what I need, but they are plastic housing and not much to them, so they are not going to be as tough and durable as a metal "mag light" or anything. My younger daughter dropped one when she went to summer camp, and while the battery compartment flew apart and the batteries came out, it doesn't have any permanent damage that I was able to find when she got back. I put new batteries in and tested it out and it still was working fine. That's all the experience we have with testing the ruggedness of them. CON: I subtracted 1-star because-- out of the 2 lights that I purchased, one wouldn't work new out-of-the-box. I opened up the end to get inside and found that one of the wires that goes from the switch to the light module had broke at the solder point. I was able to whip out my soldering iron and fix the broken lead in about 5 mins (3 of which was waiting for the iron to heat up). And it's as good as the other one now. Functions perfect. But still subtracting 1-star since it did come broken out of the box. Not a big deal to me, but if might be for others without a soldering iron to fix. I bought 2 of these and would purchase again if needed."

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Very bright, 2 suggestions for improvement. 4/2018 Update: 3rd suggestion for improvement
Reviewed in the United States on January 18, 2017 by S. Strandberg

"These are extremely bright, and they feel fairly durable. I gave it 5 stars, but here's 2 improvements I'd suggest: 1.) The battery compartment screw-in cap is really easy to get cross threaded and seems harder than it should be to screw back on. Not sure how or why. This is a minor complaint as it only comes up when you're adding or removing batteries. 2.) It really could use a dimmer option, or like a half-power or something. It's exceedingly bright to the point where I can promise you now that if I'm camping in a tent with my wife and I need to turn it on to see something while she's sleeping, it'll wake her up and make her VERY cranky. It could use a night-light mode or something. April 2017 Update: I had a power outage recently and ended up using this for light. It worked OK. It generates a heck of a lot of light, but it's not diffused at all really so it doesn't light up the room all that much, just kind of lights up your eyeballs. I made a diffuser/lampshade type thing out of some paper and that helped a lot. I would strongly suggest a diffuser of some sort (like maybe a slide up/down frosted plastic) to diffuse the LED light which is very non-diffuse on its own. It's not exactly a knock against the product, so I'm not removing a star or anything, but I know if I take these on a camping trip or something I'm going to try to remember to bring something to diffuse it a bit."

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Pleasantly surprised
Reviewed in the United States on October 25, 2019 by Auntie Lou

"I have to admit I was skeptical that these lantern/flashlights would be exactly what I was looking for. I was recently house-sitting for a friend who lives in the country and when I took her dog out after dark I used a typical flashlight so I could see where we were going- except that I could barely see in the sad little beam from the flashlight. When I got home I started searching for a good battery operated flashlight that would throw bright light a long way and didn't cost a fortune. These are really small but they pack a punch and having the option to use them as lanterns or handheld flashlights really means you're getting four flashlights for the price of two. I live in the city where it's never really completely dark (short of a blackout) and I am going to order some for myself and my family members. These can take the place of all those flashlights you have in your pantry that don't throw a lot of light when you need it."

Best LED Flashlight Lantern Combo

The Hero. Beam is the best LED flashlight lantern combo we have tried. The light is very bright and consistent. I love the fact that it only requires 3 AA batteries (easy to come back from a week long camping trip), and it gives off a great light. I live around a wooded area and want a good flashlight when taking my dog out at night. The lantern side is very bright. I always have a good stock of AA batteries around. I hope they arrive in handy. I opened both boxes and tried them out and soon as they came. The lanterns are just as described. I took them out of the packaging and they are as described. I put three AAA batteries in each box and I left it on. Over the next several days the box will become increasingly smaller but the same thing.

We have seen unimpressive attempts at combining lantern and flashlight before, but with the Hero. Beam V2.0 things are really starting to look good. The COB LED's used in this flashlight are very bright, and the wide angle flashlight on the bottom is a great feature. For the price for two, well worth it. I've gotten this before. Especially useful during power outages, because you can either use it as a flashlight or a lantern. Even, my friends picked a few up after the last couple major hurricanes. Great little item. These work great as small lantern or flashlight. The light is very bright covers a area of a few feet well. The strap mechanism is useful and adjustable but the clips that hold them in place are easily lost bc they come off easily. The lantern is great when the power is off.

Bright LED Flashlight Lantern Combo

With 300 lumens the Hero. Beam LED Lantern V2.0 is really bright. The fact that it only requires 3 AA batteries and the fact that it converts to a flashlight when used as a lantern is really nice. I live around a wooded area and want a good flashlight when taking my dog out at night. I love that it can be used as a lantern or a beam of light when the top is pulled up. I t he lantern part of the light comes on when you stretch it open, which is nice. The flashlight part is not as bright as I had anticipated and is not a broad beam. Very lightweight. Comes in a 2 pack is perfect. Will buy more. After doing some research, a replacement LED bulb for my old traditional lanterns are about the same price as one of these lanterns and not near as bright. At first glance, they look impressive for the money.

The illumination you get from the Hero. Beam is enough for every conceivable situation were a lantern is usable. I for one am quite pleased. Little did I know that these lanterns would transform my everyday carry into a performance. They are light, small and compact. I can easily use one as a flashlight and put the other in the belt to light another room. And I can't do without the umbrella! This is a awesome light. I can't review it because it's brand new but it's completely what I expected. It's bright, yet fairly incandescent. I tested it in a dark room, took pictures, but overall I like the product. I honestly didn't notice how small these were.

Compact LED Flashlight Lantern Combo

Lightweight and compact with a stylish metal finish, this is what you will get from a Hero. Beam lantern. We ordered them for our trailer. We are very pleased with the lanterns. Found them to ber very useful getting out of bed to take my dog out in the middle of the night. Also useful for lighting storage area under the stairway where I store my Christmas decorations. Oh and very light too. These are terrific. Will be used for emergencys, and they are the perfect lantern for our storage space, that doesn't have electricity wired into it. The light is bright and covers a great area. Great product These work well and are super bright. I would purchase again. Not as bright as I would like to have but is adequate for our needs when we are camping. Used it for a lightning safehouse last week.3 nights out, and so far so good. Lantern function is very bright. Flashlight is okay.

The smart collapsible construction of the lantern is what makes is so compact. The top section can be reattached to the stock profile if needed. A coating of clear epoxy resin extends the life of the LED. Not everyone needs or wants a flood light every 24 hours. For this reason, I recommend using a multi-function light. For outdoor use, I mounted a spot light atop a dry erase marker to illuminate a 20-foot radius. Submerged in a layer of waterproof, blue water proof vinyl laminate tape sealed with nitrile gloves and tested to ensure compliance. Finally, a dry erase marker to identify markers on future firmware updates to recognize and fix any remaining imperfections. These lights have worked flawlessly for the past two weeks.

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